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Greater Boston Code Consultants

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If you're looking to pass the Construction Supervisor's License Exam for Massachusetts, attain your OSHA certification, looking for Continuing Education Credits or trying to find a specific code topic for your company, you have found the right place.

We are a family owned business that has continued to grow over the past 22 years. The reason for this growth is very simple. We believe that if you understand how building codes are structured and put some time and effort into your class, anyone can pass this exam.

Because national code books are used in our preparatory class, no matter what test you are trying to pass, our classes can benefit you.

Our system of teaching is so very different than any other class out there.

Here are a list of things you will need to do and things you will not have to do.

  • Do not read the code book, unless you want to fall asleep. Code books are reference books. You only need to read a code book to solve a specific problem. For example, if you are out in the field building a set of stairs, there would be a list of codes to cover this subject. You don't need to know all of these regulations. We will show you how to find these regulations. Check out our 1st class sample lesson to your left.
  • Each class is set up to teach each student how the books are set up. If you know how the books are structured, finding answers to exam questions is simple.
  • No memorization - NONE!
  • We are one of the only classes in Massachusetts that will prepare you to test in the same environment as your actual exam "on a computer". As well as in class instruction.
  • Most of our exam questions come with a photo of the code section in question. A photo helps you understand the concept of the question hence helping you learn. A picture does tell a thousand words

If your looking for small group training or looking for a specific topic in the Code Book, just let us know. We can accomodate any of your construction training needs