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Construction Supervisor's Exam Prep Class (CSL)

This is where GBCC started, teaching Contractors to understand the code book and assist them in passing the Unrestricted Construction Supervisors License Exam.  It turned out to be the beginning of our school.  Now there are many different books that make up the Building Code and we will help you learn to navigate them easily, to find answers on your exam and on your job!

We are one of the only schools in Massachusetts that will provide you with computer based practice exams.  It only makes sense.  If you are going to take your exam on a computer, you should practice on a computer.

Our philosophy is much different than most schools.

  • No memorization
  • No reading the code books
  • We provide is a complete understanding of how to navigate each book and teach unique indexing strategies.
  • The application and test taking strategies are discussed in detail.
  • Our courses are interactive.  You don't just listen to the instructor lecturing for 2 hours.  Interaction and real life examples to each question is the key to learning, so be prepared to get involved.
  • Our CSL course is six (6) weeks long.  We meet once a week at 6:00 pm.  Class runs until about 8:00 pm. 
  • When finished, you will not only be able to pass the exam but more importantly, you will be able to apply the information to the job site. 
  • We understand that most of our students have not been in a classroom for a long time.  You will be surprised that learning can be fun and informative at the same time.

To be eligible to take the CSL Exam, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have at least three years of experience.
  • Provide documentation of your experience or provide three years of W2 statements.
  • Have a Social Security number or Tax Identification Number (TIN)

We will discuss what qualifies as experience and documentation in detail during your course.  You will be completely ready to sit for your exam when we are finished!

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Continuing Education Credits (CEU) for CSL 

Our workshop for September, 2024 is completely full.  We are now taking registrations for our workshop in December.

All Construction Supervisors are required to complete 12 hours of CEU credits, every two years, before they renew their CSL.  We have been approved by the State as an authorized educator to facilitate these courses, CSL-CD-0005.

Some of the topics are:

2015 IRC Code Review

2015 IBC Code Review

Understanding the 2015 International Energy Code Council (IECC)

Understanding International Existing Building Code

Lead and Workers' Compensation and Business Practices for Contractors

OSHA Safety

Permit Application Process

Fire Wall/Fire Stopping

and more...

We offer four workshops every year in March, June, September and December.  They do fill up quickly, so make sure to check in at least six months before your scheduled renewal date.

Join our mailing list on the home page to stay informed of new classes and changes to the building code and renewal process.  We look forward to seeing everyone back in class again!

Click Here to Register Today!  The June 1st and 2nd class is full.  We are no longer taking registrations for June.


ABC License Exam Prep Course

We no longer offer this course live.  We have recordings available for purchase.  Please reach out to Diane at masscodeprep@gmail.com for more information. 

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