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Who we are

Greater Boston Code Consultants was established in January of 1997. After teaching as a volunteer at the South Boston Neighborhood House, I decided to start teaching the building code on my own.

The first class that we had was located in the Somerville Holiday Inn with only 12 students. We quickly grew and had to move to a larger space at the Medford Vocational Technical High School.  We stayed at the Vocational School for two years and finally ended up at our current location at Medford High School Lecture Hall 2, 489 Winthrop Street, Medford, MA 02155

Our philosophy was simple when we started:

  • Treat people with respect 
  • Be accessible to students
  • Make each class interactive, fun and informative

Over the last 25 years, we have had students from all around the world.  When English is not a students primary language, special attention must be given.  We at GBCC understand this and know how to accommodate such students.  When we first started, only one code book was required.  Now, there are many different books that make up the Building Code and they are constantly being amended.   We stay on top of all the changes and bring them to our students and the Companies we train on site.

Most of the homework and practice tests are given online.  This is just one of the things that separates us from other schools.  I don't believe any other school offers on-line practice testing.  If the student will eventually take his or her exam on a computer than why not get used to taking exams in that environment.

We hope that you choose one of our classes.

Email is the fastest way to reach us.  Please email us if you have any questions:  masscodeprep@gmail.com  Our office phone number is:  781-561-1440

Peter and Diane McLaughlin

Peter J McLaughlin

Screen shot 2010 11 22 at 8.39.02 PMPeter has been a Building Inspector for the past 30+ years and has been training the Construction Industry for the last 24 years. Peter has an Associates Degree in Building Construction and a Bachelor's Degree in Construction Management from Wentworth Institute of Technology.  Peter has been a Building Inspector for the Town of Belmont and the City of Cambridge.  He is a Certified Building Official and the Building Commissioner for the Town of Watertown.  Over the years, he has made lasting friendships with people in all aspects of the Construction Industry, due to his fair, no nonsense approach.  Teaching has always been one of his passions and it shows in the classroom!  Since starting Greater Boston Code Consultants, he has brought his knowledge and expertise to thousands of colleagues.  Peter also taught Code and Contracts classes for the North Bennet Street School, Wentworth Institute of Technology and the AGC of MA.  Peter served on the BOCC Board and the BBRS Board as a Member of Academia for Continuing Education Training requirements when they were first implemented in 2013.  The success of our company has been based on Peter's simple philosophy; keep the classes interesting, interactive, informative, treat each student with respect and be brief!  Long, drawn out classes do not make for better learning.  Through the years we have been fortunate to teach people from all over the world.  Student diversity is what makes us stand out.  He understands the challenges of ESL students, women in construction and people of all races, ethnicities and identities who struggle at Building Departments in Massachusetts and is actively working to make everyone's experience fair.  In his spare time, he loves carving, building furniture, golf, playing guitar, meditation and following the Boston Sports Teams.

Diane McLaughlin

Screen shot 2010 11 23 at 5.01.07 PM

Diane is our Administrator and also Peter's wife!   Diane takes care of all the behind the scenes work. She fills the class rooms, returns the emails, handles registrations, payroll, banking and managing the website.   She loves helping people understand the process of obtaining their license and maintaining it.  She loves to encourage and help with any questions you have. When you call our number or email us, it's usually Diane that responds.  She enjoys the family business and loves to assist potential and current students and help with new ways of making your process more simple. 

Michael Ciampa


Mike is our right hand during CSL and ABC License Prep.  During the Zoom classes, he is behind the scenes, fielding student questions while Peter is presenting.  When you have questions between classes, Mike is most likely the person to assist you.  He will be joining the in-person classes as a CSL Prep Instructor in 2022 and he is working on new material to present during our Continuing Education workshops in 2022 as well. Mike is the Director of Inspectional Services in the Town of Arlington and, as a former Contractor himself, he is very knowledgeable in Construction and the Building Code. He is an important part of our team!

Michael Grover


Mike Grover is a recently retired Building Inspector with the City of Cambridge.  Peter and Michael worked together for many years in Cambridge and his knowledge of the Building Code and Building Department procedures has helped many of our students over the years.  He is an important part of our Continuing Education program, bringing his Code Review knowledge, i.e. Existing Building and Residential Requirements of the Building Code to help CSL holders receive the knowledge and credit they need to renew their licenses.  Now that he is retired, we are hoping he has more time to develop more content to bring to our Clients!

Maria Nasta


Maria has been with GBCC for many years.  She is a part of our family and started with GBCC as a student, when she switched careers and decided to pursue a Construction/Project Manager role.  Maria went on to work for Consigli Construction and now works as a Project Manager for Colonial Systems.  Maria is our IT person and develops and maintains our Classmarker practice exams.  She also helps us prepare for big classes by organizing the materials and checking people in.  During our Zoom classes, Maria is behind the scenes as a Panelist, answering questions and guiding people to helpful information.  You can also catch her in our CSL classes, roaming the classroom, quietly assisting people if she sees them struggling while Peter is presenting.  We couldn't do what we do without Maria!

Samantha (Sammie) McLaughlin


Sammie is our newest hire.  And we didn't have to look far to find her!  She is our daughter and we are so happy to have her as part of our GBCC team.  Sammie is a recent graduate of UMass Lowell with a Liberal Arts/Digital Media degree.  She is currently a part time Production Assistant at Zero VFX in Boston.  Working part time freed her up to work part-time with GBCC as well!  Our Company has always been a part of her life and she was raised helping the family business, handing out flyers at Building Departments in the early days and putting book packages together.  Sammie and her Sister (Jackie) even started their own business when they were little, selling snacks and water during classes!  Now, she assists us with emails and registrations, as well as improving our Social Media platforms.


What our past students are saying...


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I wanted to let you know to pass on to Peter that I took his CSL class in August and September, 2016 and passed the test in 30 minutes a week after the last class.  Every question I had was in the homework provided.  Please share with your entire team that I appreciate the work and prep you have put into offering a great class. 

Blake Johnson | Lead Superintendent, EMJ Construction

Hey Peter, let me start off with "I walked in there, got a 100%, no doubt" hehe (one of your in-class jokes)
It was pleasure having you as the teacher. After a long day at work, I was more concerned of not falling asleep but that wasn't the case with your class, it was fun and energetic to learn more. I'm happy I took your class, and I will definitely recommend others to take your class. 
Thank you,

- Hourmat Abdul Rauf, BuildAR Group.

Took the test today and passed. Thanks for the informative classes, the attention to detail, the drills, the sarcasms and valuable insight that went into each class. As you said..."study the means how to find the answers and you will answer the questions" and the test will be easy - so true. I found that the sample tests on your web site was the best means to prepare once away from the classroom. No surprises on the test. I was finished in a little over an hour. I will most certainly recommend your classes to anyone I run into looking to pass the test. Funny thing is, I really only need a 1/2 family restricted license (as it seems 90% of tradesmen/foremen have for a lic.) Glad I went for the whole thing.

- Charlie Viens, Charlie's Drywall & Painting

 This course was the key to my future, Peters' no nonsense method of teaching is the best way for a person like me, who has a hard time with reading, comprehension, and flat out just paying attention to learn. I was told by a freind who took the course and got his builders' license the first time he took the test. Straight and to the point is how its done, and its also how I got it done!! Taking this class was the best career decision i have ever made!!! Thanks Peter!!!

- Rocco DiMaggio

 I took your Oct/Nov CSL prep course and am happy to report that I passed the exam on February 4th! I've been involved with construction projects for 10+ years as a property/project manager but when Paul Campbell at RedStar Construction suggested I sit for the CSL exam, I'll admit that I was a bit intimidated. I entered the real estate industry with the goal of becoming a full time project/construction manager but I wasn't sure I had enough experience/knowledge to pass the exam. The information and study techniques provided in your class and your light-hearted way of teaching helped alleviate some of that anxiety and aided me in realizing that this is exactly the right career path for me to be on! Thank you for all of your help

- Megan Kenny

 "As soon as I took the first practice test, it became obvious how valuable and helpful the Building Code course was. Peter Mclaughlin gives you the tips and guidance on navigating the code book, and sets you up with the tools and confidence to pass the test. As a teacher, Peter's style couldn't be more clear and straightforward. His ability to simplify and breakdown the material helps the class focus on exactly what we need to know. And even in a large class you feel that no question or concern goes unaddressed. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in getting their license and moving to the next level."

- Pablo Picker

I was well prepared for the supers exam as your class could not have been any more helpfull. Most of the questions were easy enough although I do not remember any specific q and a. The Energy book was used more than I thought it would be and the test layout was the exact same reference material you supplied me with. Thanks again as you really made the third time the charm.
- Martin Joyce
I was studying and practicing for about 3 hours a day and when I first saw the questions on the exam, I was like "OMG what I'm doing in here". But then I started reading again and I could find the question familiar. Pretty much most of the question we had study, for me that English is not my first language I find difficult because most of the question the put the synonym, instead of the word that we study, so this was one more challenge that I had to pass also. 
But overall I knew most of the question. 
- Juliana Silva
Just took the CSL exam and passed.  Don't know if your looking for any feedback but I really enjoyed your coarse. I took similar coarse out in Pittsfield, Ma and failed the exam. Just not as good of a lesson plan. Your homework tests and practice exams made all of the difference.
Thank you guys and keep up the good work.
- Lonnie Miller
Hi, Thanks so much for your offer, just to let you know I took your courses last year, went for the test, and passed. I am very happy to say, that I am the proud holder of a MA Construction Supervisor's license! I can't thank you enough for helping me achieve this goal. I am looking forward to attain my OSHA certification in the near future. I highly recommend your business to anyone! Thank you again for your great service, and wish you all a Happy Holiday Season.
- Arturo Cruz

 Hi Peter,

I was not looking forward to this class but after the first night i was so glad I came to class. You are a great teacher and you explain everything and make it simple to understand. If you had been my teacher when I was at school I would have got a lot better grades.

- Ellen Scanlon, Scanlon Construction


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class. Taking this course was the best decision I made. Understanding the code books were a task in itself, never mind finding a particular answer to a question. I am not only very confident in finding anything in the code books, but your style of teaching and explaining helped me memorize a lot of the material without trying. Thanks again, I am looking forward to your OSHA 10 hour class.

- Mike Loux, Lawrence General Hospital

 Thanks for a fun and informative class once again. I will keep you posted on my grade point average after Saturday. I passed your mock test along to a contractor that already has their license and just wants to keep on top of the industry. I hope this will be ok. you will probably get his results anyway. Just wanted to know if this would be ok with you. !@!@??? Again thanks for everything. I will send everyone in this industry to your class before taking the test. Even if I don't get 100% I know that I can have the knowledge that I need to take the test. Most Appreciative,

- Susie


Took the test yesterday - no problems. Piece of cake after your class. Took about an hour and a half. I'm convinced that the people who fail either try to wing it without the books, or just don't know how to use the books. One thing i thought i'd email you - there were 3 questions on vestibules relating to remodeling/energy that were on there that i did not have indexed or noted with my energy notes - Anyways, figured i'd let you know in case they are new questions that are being used. Every other one was indexed and highlighted. Thanks Again,

- Michael Procopio, Procopio Enterprises Inc.


Just letting you know, that I took the exam on August 28th, and I passed. Thanks for all the help to get me on the passing side of that test. If you have any questions I'll do my best to answer them. Thanks,

- Art Boucher

 "I was in your recent CSL exam prep class. I just wanted to let you know that I took the test today and passed. I really want to thank you for giving me the info I needed to do so. I took a class given by the one of your competitors two years ago and failed. I was so devastated when I failed that I almost got out of the business. Needless to say, I didn't quit. I kept at it with the fear of someday having to retake the test looming over me. I finally found out about your class from a friend and reluctantly decided to give it another try. Expecting to be forced to sit though another boring 8 week class, I showed up the first week only to be quite pleasantly surprised. I found your class to be informative, direct and even fun. Your approach to teaching us what we needed to know for the exam was right on. The whole experience was so much better than my previous experience in every way. I left the final class on Tuesday night very positive and even hopeful that I might actually pass the test once and for all and finally be able to move on.

- Anonymous

We send all of our employees to Greater Boston Code Consultants. The instructors, Peter and Ron really impress us with their knowledge of the exam and building code issues. They have over 30 years of experience as Building Inspectors. Their instruction gives my employees a solid code review that can be taken out in the field immediately."

- Mark Truant, President of Marc Truant & Associates, Cambridge