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Materials/Books and Shipping Information

With notice, GBCC can provide our students with the books and materials needed for our classes and workshops.  CLICK HERE to see a list of books needed to start class.  You can buy a full set or buy only the books/materials you need.

If you are attending one of our classes or workshops, we will provide the books/materials that are prepaid for on our website on the first day of class.  Contrary to what the website states, they are not "downloadable".  The download PDF is only a receipt for your purchase.

We do not ship books.  We can have them available for home office pickup in Medford, MA.

If you are interested in a current copy of books and you are not attending one of our classes, send me an email masscodeprep@gmail.com  We do not always have them in stock, so we may have to order them for you.


All registrations are refundable, less a processing fee within 60 days of payment.

After 60 days you can defer to another class but we will not be able to refund you.

Books and materials are final sale and will not be refunded unless they are in the original wrapping they came in.