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Take Advantage of RedVector Online Training

** Due to the Coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic, the State of Massachusetts has lifted their six in class hour requirement.  You can now complete all 12 or 10 (restricted license) hours online with RedVector, LMS.  Peter will also be offering Zoom webinar classes, starting soon.  If you are interested in our Zoom webinar class, reach out to us at masscodeprep@gmail.com for more information.  Each option is billed differently.

Greater Boston Code Consultants has teamed up with RedVector to provide you with online courses for the MA Construction Supervisor Continuing Education Hours. 

RedVector is the leading provider of quality online training for the architecture, engineering and construction industries, offering online courses that can be taken in conjunction with your traditional instructor-led courses as part of a blended learning approach. 

** As of January 1, 2018, the State of Massachusetts will only allow six CEU credits (hours) to be done online (see above note).   If you prefer an online format, please reach out at masscodeprep@gmail.com and I will set you up with the correct half/half format.


Instructions for half and half, six hours online and six hours in-class.

If you are looking to complete six hours online, we suggest that you complete your six hours of Safety, Lead (first time renewal only) and Electives online and finish your required hours of Code Review, Energy, Business Practices and remaining Electives in class, at one of our workshops.  Online training only covers the International Code.  It does not cover the MA Amendments or updates.  Do your in-class training with us to stay up to date in Massachusetts!  Reach out to Diane at masscodeprep@gmail.com and she will guide you through this process.

Before you click on the link, please read: 

Disclaimer:  It is very important that you add your CSL number to the license section once you are logged in, after you create your Red Vector account.  If you do not add your CS# to the License section on Red Vector when you register, your certificate will not print at the end of the class and the process to fix it through Red Vector is tedious!

Visit the RedVector learning portal at https://masscodeprep.redvector.com Read above disclaimer before you click the link to the portal.

To get started today, click on the link above and then click to register as a new user.   A CS# is required for a valid certificate.   If you do not add your CS# when you register at RedVector, your certificate will not be valid for renewal.

For more information, email us at masscodeprep@gmail.com